Clubhouse Dress Code
The dress code was established to ensure that members and guests always wear proper attire when using the facilities of the Club. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and parents are responsible for the attire of their children. It is not the intent of this code to embarrass or harass members and their guests.

Recommended attire is Business Casual/Country Club Casual

Blue jeans are allowed in the Grille Room only. They must be worn in good taste, free of rips and holes, and not frayed, torn or faded. Blue jean attire will not be allowed at certain pre-determined events and holidays.

The following attire is considered inappropriate and will not be allowed at any time in any of the clubhouse dining areas:

  • Baseball caps and hats for men.
  • Sleeveless Shirts (Men), T-shirts or Athletic Jerseys.
  • Shirts with printed words or images that are considered indecent or offensive.
  • Low-cut dresses and tank tops, tube tops or otherwise revealing clothing for women.
  • Micro mini-skirts, micro mini-shorts, cut-off shorts, exercise attire, low riding shorts or pants, sweat pants, painter pants, and camouflage pants.
  • Swim attire and cover-ups.