Dress Code

It is the spirit and letter of the dress code to ensure that members and guests always wear proper attire when using the facilities of the Club. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and parents are responsible for the attire of their children. It is not the intent of this code to embarrass or harass members and their guests.

Recommended attire:

  • For men and boys – shorts, T-shirts, sport shirts with sleeves and a collar.
  • For women and girls – shorts, tennis skirts, sleeved or sleeveless shirts, shirts with or without collars.
  • Children in the various lesson programs are encouraged to wear their Westmoor logo tennis T-shirt.
  • All players must wear proper tennis shoes (court style shoe with a non marking sole) on the tennis courts.

The following attire is considered inappropriate and will not be allowed on the tennis courts at any time:

  • Flip flops, sandals, street shoes, running shoes (create ruts in the clay courts).
  • Swim suits or swim trunks.
  • Muscle shirts.
  • Shirts with printed words or images that are considered indecent or offensive.
  • Tank tops or tube tops.
  • Denim jeans and shorts.

Adult and Junior Play(Adult members are any individuals 18 years of age or over.)

  • Adults will have preference for play except at designated junior time. Juniors must vacate courts immediately if adult members are waiting. An adult playing with a junior will be considered an adult group.
  • Juniors will have preference for play at such time designated by the Club Professional.

Guest Privileges

Guest play is a desirable aspect to club life and should be endorsed while those who invite guests remain sensitive to the feelings of the general membership. As a general guideline, the following specific regulations will apply:

  • Guests must be accompanied by a sponsoring member who will be responsible for the conduct of his/her guest. All guests will sign the register book.
  • Members should restrict their invitations to any one guest or group of guests to once per month.

  • Tennis players will be responsible for ensuring that their conduct and the conduct of their families and guests is such that it will not infringe upon the rights of other members to fully enjoy the facilities.
  • Players are responsible for the cleanliness of the tennis area. Anyone bringing trash into the tennis area shall be responsible for its prompt removal. No Smoking, Drinks or Food on the courts.
  • The fragile nature of the soft clay courts require that only tennis activities be conducted.