Golf Course Rules
  • Westmoor Country Club is a non-metal spike club.
  • No golf playing guest shall be permitted to play the course more than six times from May 1 through September 30, no matter how many member-hosts are involved.
  • All guests will be required to use either a cart or a caddy.
Rules and Regulations for Motorized Golf Carts
  • The Golf Course Manager will post an appropriate sign on the first tee forbidding the use of motorized carts on days when conditions of the course might make play with motorized carts undesirable.
  • Carts are never to be used on tees, within 20 feet of greens, or within 10 feet of sand traps. Carts are rented only to Westmoor golfing members 21 years of age or over. Westmoor golfing members shall be responsible for their guests’ operation of carts in accordance with the established rules. No one under 16 years of age shall be permitted to operate a motorized cart at any time.
  • Two persons and two golf bags maximum per cart except on special three or four bag carts. Before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, four-bag carts will be available.
  • All cart rental fees shall be charged to the member’s account.
  • Wherever motorized cart routes are marked, carts must follow the marked routes.
  • Users of these motorized carts have no special rights on the course whatsoever. No foursome is required to let the user of a motorized cart go through except under the same exact conditions in which it would feel obligated to let any other foursome or players pass through.
  • All motorized carts must be returned to the Golf Shop by the user. Use of privately owned carts on the course is prohibited. This applies to members and/or their guests.

Please Note: Members shall be held liable for any damage to golf carts caused by themselves, their families, or their guests.

Golf Course Dress Code
It is the spirit and letter of the dress code to ensure that members and guests always wear proper attire when using the facilities of the Club. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and parents are responsible for the attire of their children. It is not the intent of this code to embarrass or harass members and their guests.

Recommended attire

  • For men and boys – collared golf shirts with sleeves.
  • Shirts designed to be tucked in should be tucked in.
  • For women and girls – golf skirts, skorts, capri pants, and slacks, sleeved or sleeveless shirts, and shirts with or without collars.
  • Walking type golf shorts and slacks.
  • Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, mock neck shirts, and golf shirts.
  • Sweaters, sweater vests, and golf jackets.
  • Soft-spiked golf shoes, golf sandals, and tennis shoes.

The following attire is considered inappropriate and will not be allowed on the golf course at any time:

  • Tennis shorts, tennis skirts, short shorts of any kind, and cut-off type shorts
  • Denim attire
  • Undershirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops that expose a bare midriff or undergarments, shirts with printed words or images that are considered indecent or offensive, any skirts other than golf skirts, and low riding shorts or pants.